8/15 - "In-House" Tournament

8/19 - Picture Day

​8/26 - Testing

8/29 - Tournament (Citrus College) 

* Refer-A-Friend Raffle (All Month) *

* Summer T-Shirts Coming Soon! *


 ​ taekwondo Announcements in san dimas

"In-House" Tournament (Saturday August 15th)

We are having the an "In-House" Tournament for all of our students interested in competing in Forms and Sparring.  This is a great opportunity to fine tune and practice for the upcoming Tournament, or give you chance to compete closer to home as your first experience with competition.  It should be a fun and motivating experience no matter what your individual goals are!  We hope to see you there!  All Tournament information is in school now. 

Picture Day (Wednesday August 19th)

We will be having our professional photographer come in and take your child's picture in their taekwondo uniform.  Line starts at 5:00pm.  This event is free and it is a great opportunity to do something special for your child.  It is a memory that you can treasure forever!

Testing (Wednesday August 26th)

Our school will be having Testing for all those that have qualified for their next rank promotion.  There will be no normal classes on testing day.  Please make sure to wear full uniforms, and for anyone Green Belt and above, sparring gear is required.  Don't forget to have your Testing Form and Fees filled out prior to testing.  Please bring your family and friends to share in your achievement. Don't forget to bring your cameras too!!! ... we look forward to seeing you there at our Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School in San Dimas!

Tournament "All Stars Citrus College" (Saturday August 29th)

Our school will be participating in the Tournament at Citrus College on August 29th.  Forms start 9:30am, Sparring Starts at 12:30pm.  Sign-ups before the 20th are $75.  Any sign-ups after and at the door are $85.  This is a great chance for your child to get some tournament experience, especially since it is so close to home!  More information is located in school.

*** Dress Code/Uniform Announcement ***

Starting in July, we will move our dress code to "Summer T-shirts and/or TKD Tops" for those attending class.  At that time, t-shirts will be recommended due to us moving into our warmer months of the year.  Please make sure you wear your "Core T-shirt" along with your uniform pants and belt.  This is a great way to show off your "Core Threads" and have fun staying cooler in the summer months!  Thank you so much for understanding! 

*** T-shirts are Almost Here!!! ***

Core Martial Arts proudly presents our Brand New 2015 Core T-Shirts!!!  We will have an example in our lobby on display in the next few weeks, and they will not disappoint!!!  Going into our warmest part of the year, your student will be allowed to wear and workout in their Core T-Shirt Gear!!!  T-Shirts are available in all sizes (Youth-Adult) for a nominal fee.  Don't let the heat "slam you" (pun intended) without getting the hottest T-Shirt around!!!  Please ask your instructor for all the details.

*** Refer-A-Friend Raffle is Back!!! ***

Back by Popular Demand is our Refer-A-Friend Raffle!  Our families loved it last year, and we wanted to give you an opportunity at a chance to win this year too!  When you refer a friend to our program, you receive a raffle ticket that enters your name into a drawing to win prizes.  The more you refer, the more chances you have to win!  Please ask your instructor for all the details!  Good Luck!


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