Our studio offers programs for all ages, but we really take immense satisfaction in our ability to train younger students. With our "Tiny's" program we welcome children starting at 3 years old to begin learning the foundations of martial arts and our "Core-Concepts" teachings will help in developing the skills needed for preschool and kindergarten. 

If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact us below. 

Tiny's program

Our 3,000 sq. ft. studio is located in San Dimas, CA and features state of the art equipment. Our various training programs offer experiences that make it easy for all family members to enjoy. Our experienced and patient staff will help you set and achieve your goals and assist you in your journey as a martial artist. taekwondo in san dimas martial arts school brazilian jiu-jitsu in san dimas


OUR CLASSES  martial arts school

Our San Dimas martial arts school offers fun, engaging training programs for all ages. From Taekwondo for our "Tiny's" to brazilian Jiu Jitsu for adults, we have something that everyone can enjoy.  




Master Alex Flores is currently a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo and received his brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu from Bruno Baulista of Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of Orange County. He has been immersed in the world of martial arts for over two decades and has been instructing for 15 years.  He has earned multiple accolades and certifications, specializing in the instruction of adolescent children and adults. Throughout the years, Master Alex Flores has also trained and sparred with some of the top Taekwondo athletes in many martial arts school through out the United States. He has instructed multiple National and World Champions.


Chris Hulme has been training for 15 years, and has been part of Leadership and Instruction Programs since he started the sport. His competitive spirit has lead to many achievements: 4x World Championships "Top Tens," 2x National Champion, and 2x California State Champion. Chris believes that being well balanced both mentally and physically through his experiences promotes a positive example for all of his students to follow in their own lives.